Better Start Foundation

Over the course of this semester (Spring 2018), I had the opportunity to intern with Better Start Foundation a nonprofit organization located in Little Rock, Arkansas. This internship allowed me to use what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to the real world. During this internship, my main duties were to oversee the content creation and publication to both social media platforms.

In order to keep all of the content organized I created a content calendar that was tailored specifically to the needs of Better Start Foundation. I also helped create and organize a communications calendar which we used internally to monitor what needed to go out each month.

One of my favorite projects I had the chance to work on was creating different target audience persona. During this project, I brainstormed three key audiences that I felt added the most value to the organization. I then created a brief bio of each audience that included basic demographic information as well as the stake each audience held in the organization. I also created a fact sheet that can be distributed to these audiences during meetings to give a basic overview of what goals Better Start Foundation wants to accomplish as well as contact information. The most involved project I worked on over the course of this semester was a tactic plan that broke down objectives Better Start Foundation wanted to achieve with each target audience and expanded tactics to achieve the overall goals for the organization.

Overall this internship opened my eyes to the world on nonprofit organizations and allowed me to develop my talents further by testing my ability to work independently and without constant direction from a supervisor.

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