Year Three

Where should I start? I am currently in the second full week of my junior year at the University of Central Arkansas, and I could not be any more overwhelmed.

It feels as though I just started this crazy college experience, but I am past the halfway mark (silently screams into pillow.) Where in the world has the time gone? In a year and a half, people will expect me to know adult things, like paying bills and balancing a checkbook.

Newsflash America, most millennials like myself have never written a check in our lives. All this fancy education hasn’t taught us how to pay bills or do taxes, or any of that useful adult stuff.

In all seriousness, though, this has been the best start to a new school year. Previously I struggled with making friends and getting involved on campus, but I am well past all of those obstacles already!

I am the Publicity Chair for the University’s chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America. My main task is making sure that our name/brand is out on social media, and that our social media sites are always buzzing with information about meetings and other PR related topics. I am also a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

As this year continues I will try to update you all on any exciting experiences I have. It’s still crazy to me how I only have two more years left. It seems like just yesterday I was packing up to head down here.

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